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Knight-Hennessy Scholars 2020 at Stanford University – Access a Fully Funded Scholarship

Knight-Hennessy Scholars are known for developing a community that is filled with future global leaders who are taught the skills that they require in order to come up with solutions for complex challenges.

The entire goal of Knight-Hennessy Scholars is to solve complex challenges through collaboration and innovation.

This is why the Knight-Hennessy Scholars is offering full funding for up to 100 young outstanding students from all over the world to pursue their desired degree at Stanford, including the DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, and even Ph.D. progammes. We should note that the fully funded scholarships also offer joint and dual-degrees.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars 2020 at Stanford University Benefits:

The question that all young students who are interested in accessing the fully funded scholarships offered by the Knight-Hennessy Scholars must be wondering right now is what are the benefits? Well, take a look at the list below and the question will be answered.

  1. A fellowship applied directly to cover tuition (commensurate with the standard departmental level of enrollment) and associated fees, and
  2. A stipend for living and academic expenses (such as room and board, books, academic supplies, instructional materials, local transportation, and reasonable personal expenses), and
  3. A travel stipend intended to cover an economy-class ticket for one annual trip to and from Stanford.
  4. Knight-Hennessy Scholars also may apply for supplemental funds to support academic endeavors (e.g. conference travel).
  5. If one engages in optional research projects during the summer, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program can provide summer funding.
  6. Knight-Hennessy Scholars pursuing a positive impact through social entrepreneurship may be eligible to apply for seed funding.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars 2020 at Stanford University Criteria:

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars pride themselves with the fact that they don’t want the “ideal Stanford candidate” and instead, they have an open mind about how the candidate should be. However, the main criteria for being accepted to the scholarship is to out-think, out-work and out-care all the other applicants.

Another important criterion for the fully funded scholarships is for the candidate to apply separately to the Stanford graduate degree program that he or she wants to pursue alongside the Knight-Hennesy Scholars program. With that said, the three areas where the Knight-Hennessy Scholars will be looking at are Independence of thought, Purposeful leadership, and Civic Mindset.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars 2020 at Stanford University Eligibilities:

  1. Applications are encouraged by citizens of all countries. That’s natural since Knight-Hennessy Scholars are expected to have a global impact.
  2. One is eligible to apply to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program if he/she is applying to enroll in any full-time graduate degree program at Stanford (for example, but not limited to, DMA, Eng, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, or Ph.D.) or if he/she plans on pursuing one of Stanford’s many joint and dual graduate degree options (for example, but not limited to, MD+PhD, JD+MA, MBA+MS)
  3. One eligible to apply to Knight-Hennessy Scholars if he/she applies during his/her final year of study for his/her first/bachelor’s degree or within five years of earning his/her first/bachelor’s degree. For the cohort that applies in 2019, that means one must have graduated in January 2014 through September 2020 to enroll at Stanford in September 2020
  4. If the applicant is still in college studying for his/her first/bachelor’s degree, he/she is eligible to apply as long as he/she completes his/her first/bachelor’s degree before he/she enrolls as a graduate student at Stanford.
  5. If the applicant has earned a graduate degree, he/she remains eligible to apply in 2019 as long as he/she earned his/her first/bachelor’s degree in 2014 or later.
  6. Eligible Regions: Open for All.

Official Website and Deadline

The deadline for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars is October 9, 2019. This means that interested candidates still have 104 days to apply. In addition, we are advising everyone to CLICK HERE and visit the official website for additional information.

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